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News And Concert Dates:::

Hi there.


currently I am working on organizing a small series of concerts with improvised music duos, confirmed are John Eckhardt (bass) and Samuel Dühsler (drums). dates tba. Location: Galerie Mitte im KUBO, Bremen.

Looking now into rescheduling these concerts whenever possible...


Then, I am working in my studio on new tunes and sounds with electronics and preparations. that might take some time. EP coming later this year!



Hope to see you at one of these concerts::


++++++++März 2020+++++++++++++


5  München (Kommas Ensemble)


everything from here on cancelled 


14 Brugge (with DKAM)

16 Bremen (with DKAM)

17 Bremen (with DKAM)


28 SCYLLA @ Zollkantine, Bremen


+++++++++++++April 2020 ++++++++++++++


9 The Art of the Duo I: with John Eckhardt (double bass) @ Galerie Mitte Bremen


10 Haase Trio @ Chameleon Jazz Bar 




26 PIANO AND STRING QUARTET by Morton Feldman @ Bremen, Sendesaal (ENB)



++++++++++++Mai 2020++++++++++++++


8 Bremen (with DeutscheKAMmerphilharmonie)

9 Danzig (DKAM)

11 Berlin (DKAM)

13 Stavanger (DKAM)

15 Göteborg (DKAM)

17 Aalborg (DKAM)

18 Kopenhagen (DKAM)

20 Hamburg (DKAM)



28 Haase & Rößler @ Alte Werft


++++++++Juni 2020+++++++++++++


5 Haase & Rößler @ Tor 40

30 nach-t-ex-ten-sion-en @ Schwankhalle


++++++++Juli 2020+++++++++++++ 


2 The Art of the Duo II: Duo with Samuel Dühsler (drums) @ Galerie Mitte Bremen


9 Bremen (DKAM)

10 Bremen (DKAM)

11 Bad Kissingen (DKAM)


19 Toblach (Cantando Admont)

20 Toblach (Cantando Admont)


++++++++August 2020+++++++++++++ 


7 Klosters CH

8 Klosters CH

New Video: ZOOM

Artifizielle Präsenz II - Deep Sea

Deep Space

Scylla: Tremolo Vibes


good times in the home of THE FIRST CHURCH OF FREE MUSIC












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