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++++March 2018: these days: mixing and mastering the Scylla Album "Cinematic Mass Destruction" with Immo Wischhusen+++++


 ++++Feb 2018+++++

i was on a residency in the Ciudad Abierta, Chile in Feb+March 2018. i developed a new solo program for amplified violin and collaborated with my friends of EUNK, presented the albums QUATRO+VIER and DOS TRAZOS (Óscar Santis), and held a Masterclass at the Universidad Católica de Santiago.

below is a first video of that stay 


+++++May 2018+++++++

first week of May, Scylla (Johannes von Buttlar and JH) embarked on a new project with Indian musicians Imran Khan (sitar) and Hanf Khan (tabla).

we developed new music based on rhythm and melody, all scylla-style, obviously ;)

we did record with Immo Wischhusen again, so there will be something to listen/watch soon!



 +++++ April/May 2018 ++++++


Haase & Rößler DUO have developed and presented a new program. video/audio editing is in process!



+++++**** July 2018 ++++++


kicking off a new project with pianist/singer Johanna Borchert, revisiting our classical roots and moving on from there...

first concert at Kopenhagen Jazz Festival July 15




next concerts:



Juni 2018

1 Ottersberg @ Brünings Scheune , Solo

2 Brandenburg, Stahlwerk (with Christian Klein, Johannes von Buttlar)

8 Bremen, SOLO (OLAS) @ Villa Sponte

9 Bremen, ElekTrAktions w/ Anna Jäger @ Holzwerkstatt Bremen


13 Luxembourg (withDKAM)

15 Bad Kissingen (with DKAM)

17 Bad Kissingen (with DKAM)

18 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (with DKAM)


21 Bremen, Schwankhalle w/ FlowJob!


23 Bremen (with DKAM)

25 Bremen (with DKAM)

27 Bad Kissingen (with DKAM)

28 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (with DKAM)

30 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (with DKAM)


JULY 2018


11 Kopenhagen Jazz Festival 

12 Kopenhagen Jazz Festival

15 Kopenhagen Jazz Festival (Duo with Johanna Borchert)


26 Flow Job @ Breminale, Bremen


31 Lübeck (with Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen)




1 Kiel (with DKAM)

2 Rendsburg (with DKAM)

3 Klosters (with DKAM)

4 Klosters (with DKAM)

23 Wiesbaden (with DKAM)

24 Wiesbaden (with DKAM)


September 2018


3 Bremen, Duo with Johanna Borchert




Listen to some music please and come to the concerts. it's where it happens.

Haase & Rößler: Artifizielle Präsenz (Trailer)


November 2017: Dos Trazos, the second album of Haase+Santis !

Dos Trazos, the second album of Haase + Santis is out now!


"A disc where temporality and form are given through the organic needs of the moment, which takes us

into subtle states of listening, where we can manage to enter the fine interwoven fabric and the

decisions through which the music was tacken on, at the personal level, a work of brief landscaping

with an occultist essence, two strokes that propose contrasting states from the same nature,

listening and freedom.”


recorded in Estudio Errante, 2017

download for free from pueblonuevos's website!

August 2017: new release::: KA – 5 & EL COLIBRÍ !!!





two masterpieces of chilean composer Christian Vásquez!


i am more than happy that this CD is out now, as this music and collaboration has been important for a long period of my life!


it is available now in my WEBSHOP !!!

June 2017: new release::: QUATRO X VIER



last December i brought together some long time friends from Germany and Chile.

we recorded 2 duos and 2 quartets.

you can listen to the music here on bandcamp:


if you like it, you know what to do then:....

presenting Johannes Haase Trio:::

new video::: improvisation in Ciudad Abierta, Chile

i spent some time in Chile this spring, collaborated with local improvisors as well as my family of Ciudad Abierta.

This is the location where we shot this video of a solo improvisation. enjoy!

music video:: haase-rößler













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