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Haase & Rößler will be streaming until summerbreak about once every two weeks from their studio. The shows are played live and broadcasted on YouTube.

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Here are the videos of our live performances:

News And Concert Dates:::

Hi there.


currently I am working on organizing a small series of concerts with improvised music duos, confirmed are John Eckhardt (bass) and Samuel Dühsler (drums). dates tba. Location: Galerie Mitte im KUBO, Bremen.

Looking now into rescheduling these concerts whenever possible...


Then, I am working in my studio on new tunes and sounds with electronics and preparations. that might take some time. EP coming later this year!



15 Haase & Rößler Duo Livestream HYPER PARADOXIE 1


28 Haase & Rößler Duo Livestream HYPER PARADOXIE 2


Hope to see you at one of these concerts::


++++++++März 2020+++++++++++++

5  München (Kommas Ensemble)


everything from here on cancelled 


14 Brugge (with DKAM)

16 Bremen (with DKAM)

17 Bremen (with DKAM)

28 SCYLLA @ Zollkantine, Bremen


+++++++++++++April 2020 ++++++++++++++

9 The Art of the Duo I: with John Eckhardt (double bass) @ Galerie Mitte Bremen

10 Haase Trio @ Chameleon Jazz Bar 

26 PIANO AND STRING QUARTET by Morton Feldman @ Bremen, Sendesaal (ENB)


++++++++++++Mai 2020++++++++++++++

8 Bremen (with DeutscheKAMmerphilharmonie)

9 Danzig (DKAM)

11 Berlin (DKAM)

13 Stavanger (DKAM)

15 Göteborg (DKAM)

17 Aalborg (DKAM)

18 Kopenhagen (DKAM)

20 Hamburg (DKAM)




15 Haase & Rößler Duo STREAM


28 Haase & Rößler Duo Livestream HYPER PARADOXIE 2


28 Haase & Rößler @ Alte Werft


++++++++Juni 2020+++++++++++++

5 Haase & Rößler @ Tor 40

28 Feldman Piano and String Quartet with ENB @Sendesaal Bremen - STREAM

30 nach-t-ex-ten-sion-en @ Schwankhalle


++++++++Juli 2020+++++++++++++ 


2 The Art of the Duo II: Duo with Samuel Dühsler (drums) @ Galerie Mitte Bremen


9 Bremen (DKAM)

10 Bremen (DKAM)

11 Bad Kissingen (DKAM)


19 Toblach (Cantando Admont)

20 Toblach (Cantando Admont)


++++++++August 2020+++++++++++++ 


7 Klosters CH

8 Klosters CH

New Video: ZOOM

Artifizielle Präsenz II - Deep Sea

Deep Space

Scylla: Tremolo Vibes


good times in the home of THE FIRST CHURCH OF FREE MUSIC












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